If you're thinking "OK, SO WHAT"?
THINK AGAIN, because this is HUGE!!!

For all of you already in process with us, here's the DEAL!

  • Provide you with up to 8 free hours (1 day) on-site to coach you to accreditation
If you are:
  1. Starting with accreditation - Use this coaching session to jump-start your transition on the right foot.
  2. Ready to submit your completed application - Use this coaching session as a final check-up.
  3. Somewhere in the middle - Use this coaching session to ask your questions and review your progress.
(Free Coaching Session must be used by February 28, 2019)

WHEN YOU DO THIS by December 15, 2018
  • Submit a signed Memorandum of Agreement and HIPPA Business Associate Agreement (links below)
  • Pay Your $1,000 Accreditation Application Fee* (link below)
*Can't be combined with CAHC Manual Credit or other promotional pricing
*Actual Application is submitted when you are ready

CLICK the following links to take advantage of this offer:

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As the clock ticks on your accreditation requirement,

so does this


You must be accredited
to renew your Health Care Service Firm registration in June, 2019.
Accreditation TAKES TIME.
Take advantage of this limited-time offer, NOW!